Friday Medical Conference

Friday Medical Conference (FMC) is a weekly Continuing Medical Education (CME) opportunity for physicians, healthcare professionals, and several healthcare student programs. This 'Grand Rounds' style lecture series provides a cross-section of recent advances in medicine along with clinical etiology, diagnosis, and management information.  During its long tenure, and throughout each conference year topics have addressed infectious and vaccine-preventable diseases; endocrinology; gynecology; ethical issues; patient management; immunology; internal medicine; neurology; and a myriad of medical sub-specialties.  With a commitment to education and continued learning, this interdisciplinary conference's goal is to ultimately improve patient care and outcomes.


Friday Medical Conference (FMC) is an educational forum that provides healthcare and other interested professionals in Montana with evidence-based information on a variety of medical topics and advances relevant to current practices and academic advancements.

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

CME is offered at no cost to individuals and provides applicable information for physicians' practices and other healthcare professionals; creates regional collaboration; enables in-state learning opportunities; and allows physicians and healthcare professionals to glean valuable and practical material without leaving their practices/work.  FMC provides healthcare professionals with the opportunity to obtain, and healthcare facilities to provide, continuing education credits in a convenient and economical manner.

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