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AHEC Scholars is a nationwide HRSA/AHEC branded certificate program for students in health professions programs who are interested in enhancing their interprofessional skills. AHEC Scholars focuses on six core topic areas that enhance the knowledge of every health student to prepare and promote a diverse, skilled primary care workforce in rural and underserved communities.


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The National AHEC Organization hosts more than 300 AHEC program offices which serve over 85% of the counties within the United States. AHEC Scholars is a unique initiative designed by the National AHEC Organization for health professions students interested in supplementing their education by gaining additional knowledge and experience in rural and/or underserved urban settings. This is a longitudinal program with interdisciplinary curricula to implement a defined set of clinical, didactic, and community-based activities.

The Montana AHEC Scholars Program is ranked amongst the most successful in the nation with over 400 active Scholars. We have one of the most diverse number of professions involved as well as one of the programs with the most students enrolled. The immediate success of Montana AHEC Scholars demonstrates how Montana’s health professions students are willing to go above and beyond what is required to enhance their interprofessional knowledge and experience. Be active in our community! We offer several ways to interact with other health professions students participating in the AHEC Scholars program.

Over the next two years, the AHEC Scholars Program will train scholars who will join a national cohort of approximately 3,900 scholars in 49 programs across the country. These programs are supported, in part, by the federally funded Health Resources and Services Administration.

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join a national cohort of approximently 3,900 scholars in 49 programs across the country