Community Partners

Western Montana AHEC collaborates with Western Montana as well as statewide organizations and facilities.  These partnerships are vital to our efforts to improve the accessibility to quality healthcare in Montana.  Our partners financially support programming, serve on boards, provide preceptorships and rotation supervision, host student events and job shadows, and advise us on best and most current practices in the healthcare industry.

Partnership inquiries can contact:

Our Partners:

  • Develop partnerships with local high school administrators, school boards, and health science teachers
  • Embrace experiential learning  and a “culture of teaching health science students”
  • Actively recruit and support local health science students
  • Establish Scholarships and other financial support
  • Recruit health professional ambassadors to serve on classroom guest speaker and/or HOSA leaders
  • Partner with school to provide clinical skills training for CNA/Phlebotomy/EMT/etc.
  • Establish liaison with training programs and faculty
  • Sponsor scholarships for targeted areas of need
  • Establish partnerships with college health science programs to become a clinical  site for students
  • Utilize student experiential learning as a recruitment opportunity
  • Engage in and Support healthcare career and recruitment fairs
  • Adopt a “grow your own” mentality  with local students and citizens
  • Support continuing education opportunities