Overcoming obstacles: Identifying barriers and opportunities in telehealth during a pandemic

Thursday, April 22 8-9am.

Passcode: 268565

Please join Steve Ferdig, DPT, Janneke Volkert, MD, Jenna Griffin MS, CCC-SLP, and Hannes Heppner Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student, for a discussion on overcoming obstacles and identifying opportunities in telemedicine during the COVID-19 pandemic. This interprofessional panel will be facilitated by Sarah Compton of Upstream Health Innovations, LLC. 


This discussion is meant to enlighten students and clinicians alike on barriers and creative solutions surrounding billing practices, licensing regulations, rules for tele-supervision, criteria for candidacy, special barriers or opportunities, clinical materials, and procedures. This panel will present a discussion among providers across UM clinics on implementation oftelehealthacross disciplines on the above domains, as well as creating an opportunity for clinical students and providers to ask questions with the goal of providing them with a rich, interprofessional learning opportunity related to implementation of telehealth.