Molly Molloy: New AHEC Director

Molly Molloy

Molly Molloy is a native Montanan.  She earned her BA and MSW from the University of Montana. Most recently, Molly served as the Director of Behavioral Health and the Child Evaluation Center (CEC) at the Southwest Montana Community Health Center in Butte. Before taking on this role, Molly has had experience working in government, hospital settings, with youth in crisis, in the schools and as a Pediatric Behavioral Health Specialist at Southwest Montana Community Health Center. Molly has worked with a variety or integrated and multi-disciplinary teams including the integrated model of care at SWMTCHC, with law enforcement, prosecution, Child Protection Services, Youth Court, Family Drug Court and more.  She is a certified therapist in Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) and has been trained in TF-CBT, Theraplay and CF-TSI.  Molly has had the privilege of serving on the leadership of the Butte Community Action Team (CAT) in Butte that is working towards a blueprint for a trauma informed and resilient community.  Her passions are to help create health systems that are accessible and integrated to improve overall patient outcomes.  She is also passionate about taking care of the teams that work in trauma exposed fields by educating on secondary trauma, vicarious trauma and assisting individuals and organizations develop strategies that assist in being trauma responsive, for patients and employees alike.   Prior to graduate school, Molly spent time living in Washington DC and then in Northern Ireland working at a Peace and Reconciliation center.